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Book launch: Terry Smith on Mapping the Global Art World & Activism

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

Announcement by Terry Smith

Steven Henry Madoff speaks to art historian Terry Smith about his new book, "Curating the Complex & The Open Strike."

Steven Henry Madoff, editor of the new book series "Thoughts on Curating" from Sternberg Press, speaks with renowned art historian and writer Terry Smith, who has written the inaugural volume, Curating the Complex & The Open Strike. Smith offers a visionary and surgically precise analysis that maps what he calls the “visual arts exhibitionary complex,” brilliantly depicting the vast institutional and quasi-institutional framework for contemporary art that sprawls the globe. In the same volume, Smith also presents an account of recent artworld activism (The Open Strike) that can serve as a model for responsive action against society's inequities and to change collective thinking.

Please register to receive a link to the Zoom meeting by email shortly before the event.

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