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8 December 2021 at 5:00:00 am

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Dr Anastasia Murney, University of New South Wales

Dr. Anastasia Murney is a sessional academic at the University of New South Wales. Her research focuses on anarchism, feminism, speculative fiction, and contemporary art. Anastasia lives and works on unceded Gadigal land.

Dr Melinda Reid, University of New South Wales

Dr. Melinda Reid is a writer, researcher, and teacher. Melinda currently lives and works on unceded Gadigal and Wangal land.

Aneshka Mora, University of New South Wales

Aneshka Mora is a PhD candidate and sessional academic based in Warrang on Cammeraygal land. Aneshka specialises in Australian contemporary art and is interested in emerging practices of institutional critique, which work toward Indigenous sovereignty, repatriation, land rights and trans/queer/feminist futures.

Leen Rieth, University of New South Wales

Leen Rieth is an artist and PhD candidate based on unceded Gadigal land. Their work contributes to recent revisions of institutional critique that are focussed on unlearning institutional habits by rethinking how we perceive art institutions and how we work within them.

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