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Tin Sheds Gallery

Tin Sheds Gallery is a contemporary exhibition space located within the Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning at the University of Sydney. 


Tin Sheds initially opened in 1969 as an autonomous art space within the University grounds, and was home to a wide range of workshops and events facilitated by artists, academics, activists and students. Tin Sheds spurred a pivotal historical movement in Australian art, nurturing cross-disciplinary experimentation and politically orientated practices for several decades. 


The Tin Sheds Gallery remains both a physical and intellectual space that contributes to the broad discourse of national and international architecture, art, design and urbanism. We are dedicated to the exploration of new ideas, the hosting of collective and critical debates, the nurturing of spatial experimentation and innovation, and the intelligent and accessible promotion of scholarly research in the field.


We have finally reopened our doors to exhibition proposals. If you are interested in exhibiting with us, please subscribe to our mailing list to receive updates on our annual call out.


The Architecture of Multispecies Cohabitation

Carp as kitchen helpers. Shadehouses designed to host guests amidst ferns. Farmhouses where the cattle live downstairs. Decorative dovecotes for the harvest of nutrient-rich fertilisers. Enormous cylindrical towers for human remains to be devoured by vultures...

The Architecture of Multispecies Cohabitation presents ongoing research by Feral Partnerships (Beth Fisher Levine , Matthew Darmour-Paul, James Powell, Enrico Brondelli di Brondello, Francesca Rausa) of surprising and hopeful stories of human and other-than-human interdependence, facilitated by the architectures that host them.

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