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Verge Gallery

Verge Gallery at the University of Sydney is a public art space dedicated to the presentation of Contemporary art practice. 


Verge Gallery’s key focus is to present interdisciplinary exhibitions from leading and emerging arts practitioners while providing the University of Sydney students, academics and visitors an arena for critical dialogue and response. A space without borders, we encourage unique voices and viewpoints. Verge Projects are run in collaboration with the University’s faculties and the greater community to provide students with experiential learning opportunities, mentorships and internships that support their education and development. 


Looking forward and after a few years marked with uncertainty, our 2022/23 program will be an interrogation of our world now with a program that features 17 projects that speculate futures while drawing on collective memory and personal histories. Optimism is leading our plan to reconnect our art community through a year of in-person exhibitions and face-to-face public programs and we look forward to the conversations and debates to be had in the new year. Please click through our website link for more details. 


Below are some snapshots from our 2021 exhibition program including insider views of the exhibitions Health and Happiness by Seth Birchall and Steel Magnolias by Jana Hawkins-Andersen plus an interactive video work by Sophie Penkethman-Young entitled Bolero - a tale of tech support.* 


Sophie Penkethman-Young
Boléro: A tale of tech support


Click on each of the gifs below to be taken through some (infuriating) existential chats with an online tech support provider. 

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600b5f114901e6784381de33_BTTS Still Green 1_sml (1).gif
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