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A Note About Recordings

This Conference took place live between 8 and 10 December. As promised beforehand, we made recordings of all the week's keynotes, panels and other events. The recordings have now become part of the archives of the conference co-host, The Power Institute. 

If you are a researcher and wish to access the recordings, please submit a written request to The Power Institute. More details about how to do this are found on the Power Institute's website, here

Acknowledgement of Country

The conference organisers live and work on the unceded sovereign lands of the Gadigal people of the Eora nation.  The organisers pay respect to the traditional owners, and to the practices of teaching and learning that have long been tied to this place, and which are inherent in the Aboriginal Custodianship of Country.

Conference Welcome

Welcome to AAANZ 2021, “IMPACT”, the first fully online AAANZ Conference in the Association’s history! This very fact speaks to a field, and a life, that has felt multiple impacts over the past two years. From pressing questions of social justice and equity to a pandemic that has exposed our frailties and our connectedness, from the questioning of the very fundamentals of what we practice in Universities, Museums and as visual artists or designers to the crisis of artistic lives engendered by social and economic conditions. Our conference explores these multiple local impacts, alongside art and visual culture's response to tremors and shocks across many other cultures and timespans.


While our conference is limited to virtual spaces in 2021, we are grateful that so many scholars, curators and visual arts professionals (79 panels, and over 300 speakers) have agreed to come together in this way to share their ideas. We hope that all participants will enjoy the rich range of panels and discussions that reflect a lively, diverse and engaged community.


The Conference Organising Team - Donna West Brett, Mark Ledbury, Ira Ferris and Nick Croggon.

Wednesday 8th 11am-12:30pm (AEST)

Wednesday 8th 2pm-3:30pm (AEST)

Wednesday 8th 4pm-5:30pm (AEST)

Thursday 9th 9am-10:30am (AEST)

Thursday 9th 11am-12:30pm (AEST)

Thursday 9th 2pm-3:30pm (AEST)

Thursday 9th 4pm-5:30pm (AEST)

Friday 10th 9am-10:30am (AEST)

Friday 10th 11am-12:30pm (AEST)

Friday 10th 2pm (AEST)

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